Security on strong foundations

Solid sores of value in selected real estate

“Property can't get lost or be stolen nor being carried away. If administrate with appropriate care it is the most secure investment in the world“

(Franklin Roosevelt, 1882-1945, President of USA)

More than Monopoly
Investing money in real estate can be as joyful as playing Monopoly. Provided that the decision to buy is well-considered and calmly done. It's not only fortune if and how good the investment pays off.

Chances rather than crises
We know how to secure the best positions at Mayfair. The real estate market is analysed through us – not only since you have approached us but also yesterday and today. As a result we are able to bypass crises and trade down emerging markets, no matter whether you want to invest in the classic housing market or business realty.

Build on rocks
Such as a house should built on a strong foundation a real estate purchase makes only sense if the key data is steadily reliable. We find your suitable real assets to make sure your investment is built on rocks.

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